Sunday, April 25, 2010

another birthday

this little baby turned 4 today. my littlest boy, my sweet evan is now a whopping 4 years old. i remember jensen was 4 when evan was born! and now our evan is 4. wow! and he is just as adorable now as he was then - seriously....

this last year with ev has been especially fun for me. with jensen and burton both in school all day, it has just been paige, evan, and i at home. and it has been a great experience for me to spend so much time with evan. we play bakugan's, transformers, animals, pets, finding eggs, and all sorts of other made up games. we color, do stickers, make stuff, play video games, read books, draw, snuggle, watch movies, go to the library, go swimming, and ride bikes. evan is my number one helper, whether we are grocery shopping, running errands, or just hanging out at home. he is always up for a snuggle and loves to give me, his mom - who, for whatever reason, he adores! lucky me!!! - special things (which are hugs and kisses). he thinks i am the best mom because i let him be in charge and make up the rules when we are playing. evan has a handful of imaginary friends that he likes to play with and talk on the phone to - annika and stephen (they are both boys) have been around for about 9 months now. others, like zeebee and coleman, have just recently joined the group. he talks about these friends as if they were real and sometimes brent and i wonder if they just might be? we sure hope not as annika and stephen are both 48 and live in australia. evan constantly makes us laugh with the grown up things he says. and also makes our hearts melt with his big brown eyes and sweet and sincere personality. he really is a blessing in our home and we love him to pieces!!!

happy birthday evan!! or, as evan said today, "happy furball!!" apparently that is how you say "happy birthday" in spanish.

p.s. funny evan story - this last week evan and i picked up decorations and a pinata for his birthday party. he was so excited that he wanted to have his party that day - i think it was on thursday. we weren't having his party until saturday (yesterday) and i kept telling him that we couldn't have his party that day. finally, after asking a million times and getting the same negative response, evan looked at me and said, "mom, if you tell me one more time that i can't have my party today, you're fired."

Saturday, April 24, 2010

nuts for bolts etc. blog in the works

so, i will be creating our own blog for nuts for bolts etc. in the next week or two - as soon as i find the time to sit down and do it!! but, for now, this will work. we posted some more pictures of some new flannel we just got in on our facebook page and flickr site. click here to view (the last 7 pics are the new ones)! my mom and i are getting together this coming weekend for jensen's baptism (yay jensen!!) and paige's first birthday (that came fast!!!!) and will be sitting down, finalizing our price list, final checking our inventory, taking pictures, and getting ready to open our online store!! we should be good to go by the second week of may!!! YAY!!!!!!! i am nervous and excited! i guess if we don't sell anything, we will just be stuck with some really great fabric that we will have to use - i guess there are worse things:)


Monday, April 12, 2010

more pictures

so, more nuts for bolts etc. pictures as promised!! i added a bunch more pictures of fabric we have just ordered. click here to view. also click here to see samples of the finished products we will be selling.
please feel free to leave comments so we can see what everyone thinks!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

our fabric obsession

my mom and i have a common obsession with fabric - we LOVE fabric!!! after becoming frustrated with the lack of canadian websites selling high quality, unique, fun, and vibrant fabric we decided to launch our own, legitimate online fabric store.
after much discussion, deliberation, paper signing, and planning, my mom and i (along with the artistic talent, vision, and input of my 2 beautiful sisters) are starting our own online fabric store. we will be selling hard to find, high quality, beautiful flannel, fleece, and minky fabrics. we will also be selling hand made children's wares, such as receiving blankets, taggy lap quilts, ribbon dolls and lizards, and really adorable ponchos for little girls.

click here to see some samples of the fun things we will be selling!! we will be adding more pictures as we receive shipments of ordered fabric to sell and as we make more stuff!

we are planning on launching our online store in may so stay tuned for the website link!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

my sweet boy

jensen turned 8 on monday. my first baby is! and what a delightful young man jensen is growing in to!
i remember being pregnant with jensen. i always wanted to have a boy first. i loved having an older brother growing up and i wanted all of my subsequent daughters to have an older brother to watch out for them (little did i know at the time that we would only have 1 daughter at this point and she would have 3 big brothers to look out for her - ha!). as the little baby inside of me grew more and more, i knew that he would be a boy and i was so excited to meet my precious son.

how we loved our baby jensen! he was such a sweet and happy baby. and grew in to an adorable little boy...

and now a handsome, young "almost" man.
jensen has fabulous, brown eyes - just like his dad. he continues to approach life and learning with an insatiable curiousity and inquisitiveness. jensen is a lover of all things to do with animals, bugs, and nature and is still determined to be a zookeeper when he grows up. he is always thinking of something (just like his mother!) and has an amazing imagination. jensen is kind and tender hearted. he loves hugs and kisses (still!! i hope he never grows too old or "cool"). he is a good example to his younger brothers and adores his little sister. jensen is SO excited to be starting cubs and is looking forward to earning every badge:)
jensen will be baptized at the end of the month. brent and i are so happy with his desire to be baptized and with his understanding of what this means. jensen is a special boy and i feel very blessed to be his mother - to learn from him as i try to teach him. to love him. to have him as my son.
we all love you so very much jensen.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


i love my camera. i love taking pictures. and i love when i look at a picture i took without really thinking about it and i get a result like this

or this

and i love my beautiful daughter. my adorable and precious paige.
you make my days so bright with your endless snuggles, kisses, noises, smiles, giggles, and grins. i love everything about you.
i love you paige.