Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas Pictures

here are the links to the before mentioned Christmas pictures - just click here and here. our computer crashed and had to go in for repairs for a few days.

just wanted to shout out (oh, look at hip i am!) a big thank you to our families! we had such a great time seeing everyone (well, almost everyone!) over the holidays. thanks for the beds, the food, and putting up with 5 extra people.

we love you all!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

back in the new year

so, we are back from our Christmas adventures. we were able to spend quality time with both families this holiday which was very fun and rewarding. after spending Christmas in spokane (and almost getting snowed in! they had crazy snow there and it is still coming!!!), we traveled to the farm in red deer to spend new year's with my family. a few high lights:
-rollerskating in spokane (jensen's new fave thing to do)
-bowling in spokane and red deer
-making a snow cave in spokane
-playing lots of games and building puzzles
-sledding, of course
-sitting by the fire, visiting
-reliving old memories and making new ones
-eating all the good holiday treats
-gaining a few extra pounds, i am sure (but it's all baby, right!?)
i will post some holiday pictures in the next few days. i have been "suffering" with the cold the kids had over the holidays but thought i better sign in for any who may be reading this blog and wanting to know if we are still alive and well:).

happy new year everyone!