Sunday, December 27, 2009

full heart

what a wonderful Christmas holiday it has been! how i love spending this wondrous time of the year with my very favoritest family:) i am especially thankful for the opportunity to attend my new niece anne's baby blessing. how touched i was to see my big brother with his first little baby - and to hear the tender love and affection he has for his daughter, anne, as he blessed her. my heart was filled with feelings of appreciation for my wonderful family. little anne is named after our grandmother, anne louise cooper. i too am named after this amazing woman - anne louise is my middle name. i love my gran!! and i appreciate her for the love and kindness she has given me throughout my life. it was so great to be with my gran, papa, mom, dad, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunt, uncle, and nieces this past week. i love them all so very much and hope i do a good job of letting them know just how much they all mean to me! i will post pictures of our Christmas holiday as soon as i get them all uploaded!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

2 for 1

Christmas gives our family 2 reasons to celebrate. first, we join in the celebration of our Savior's birth - the miracle of Christ's birth, the joy and peace of the season. second, we celebrate the birth of our second son, burton. burton was born on Christmas Day 6 years ago. how we loved our little blonde haired baby! and how burton continues to be a source of joy in our home today. never a dull moment with burton. he is so lively and rambunctious. burton gets so excited about everything and gives 100% to all that he does. he amazes me with his desire to learn and the excitement he has for school. every day he comes home from school full of things to tell me about what he did and what they are learning at school. burton never gives up and approaches life with a contagious attitude of fun. we love our burty-burt....and with that, i will end this post as paigey is demanding my attention:)
oh, one more thing - yesterday at Christmas dinner, my uncle bob asked burton if he felt any older now that he is 6. burton looked at him and said, "no, not really. but my back is sore because i am getting older."