Tuesday, September 21, 2010

back to normal

summer is over - boo! school has started - yay! and things are back to normal - somewhat! we had such a fun and fabulous summer! as busy and hectic and tiring as it was, i wouldn't have changed a thing about it. jensen and burton have been back to school for 2 weeks and are loving their new teachers and being back in touch with their friends. jensen is in 3rd grade and burton is in 2nd...where does the time go!!!??? fall soccer has started and i must say that with soccer 4 nights a week, i am counting the days until it is finished! only 2 more weeks!! we will have to make sure to have the boys' soccer on the same nights in the spring! and maybe brent will only coach 1 team instead of 2??? as fun as it has been to watch the jensen and burton improve their soccer skills and really enjoy playing, it has been crazy! i really have become a soccer mom - washing uniforms, filling water bottles, driving to practices/games, and cheering from the sidelines. it has begun!! and i really do enjoy watching the boys excel and grow in their abilities.

evan started preschool this fall. he goes on tuesday and thursday afternoons and is really liking it. he is such a confident and social boy and already loves his teachers and classmates. and everyone loves evan! with his big brown eyes, cute little grin, and adorable personality, it is hard not to love evan! his preschool teacher has already told me what a special and wonderful little boy evan is and how much she would just love to take him home. and all i can say to her is, "take a number." really, that seems to be the response he elicits from just about everyone he meets. i am just glad that i DO get to take him home every day and keep him forever and ever...because i am his mom.

paigey continues to be a delight in our home. being the only girl makes her that much more special and we all love her so much! she loves to dance, play hide and seek, play with her brothers, and be a part of everything. her hair has lost most of its curl and really bleached out this summer. she loves to explore! and she is my little shadow - she follows me around the house, helping where she can, and gets the biggest kick out of throwing her diaper in the garbage. all i have to do is look at her and she smiles. and as much of a mommy's girl as she is, she is always SO excited to see her daddy when he comes home from work at lunch time and at the end of the day. paige's giggles and smiles bring such joy to each of us. and i love her little, or rather BIG, personality.

things are good. life is great. we are happy!