Thursday, August 19, 2010


so, i am finally sitting down and updating our blog. we have been busy!!!! of all the weekends we have had since the end of june, we have only been home for 2 of them! although the summer has been a blur with all the traveling and activities, it has been G!R!E!A!T!! first and foremost, we have spent so much time with our kids. waterskiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, wakesurfing, tubing, and dancing it up on our new toy - the one that has been sitting in our garage since last november, waiting to be used, our best purchase to date, totally worth the scrimping and saving, and so much fun!!!!!!
our new boat. we love it! we have put so many fun and fabulous hours on our boat. with friends and family. jensen and burton have both learned how to waterski and kneeboard this summer and get better every time they go. even evan goes out on the kneeboard and has found a new love for tubing. paige loves to "shake it" when we crank the tunes and loves cheering her dad on when he is doing his sweet tricks.
brent continues to amaze and impress me. yes, even after 10 years he still does it for me! i love to watch him wakeboard, pulling flips, spins, twirls, and superman's left right and centre. he really is amazing to watch. and he assures me he loves to watch me ski...

i sometimes wonder if he is just being nice because he is also a brilliant water skiier! regardless of my skill level, i do love to waterski! there is nothing like throwing rooster tails on a lake, skiing across glass like water. seriously one of my most favorite things to do!!!!!
we camped with friends, stayed for a week in a SWEET lake house on hayden lake in idaho with family, welcomed a new niece, gretchen, in to the family (and a nephew, jasper, in may!!), went with my beautiful sister jessica to the temple for her first time, spent a week at the farm with mom/gran and dad/papa, had my brother rob out for a camping trip that turned in to just days at the lake while sleeping at home, went camping again on lake pendorielle
with brent's brother jeff and his family and my brother rob tagging along (again!! i swear it has been the "summer of rob" around here...and i love it!!!!!!!! he is leaving on his mission in october and i LOVE all the time we have been able to spend with him!!! i love him a lot!!!), found a new favorite local spot to cliff jump in to crystal clear water - a truly beautiful little mountain lake!!, not to mention all the day trips to the beach with the kids while brent is at work.
we really have been going and going and going! i must admit that i am starting to feel a bit worn...but i wouldn't have it any other way! we have been able to have so much fun and make some lasting memories this summer with those i love the most - and i wouldn't trade that for anything. it is worth being tired for!! even as i type this blog, my younger bros are coming out for the weekend. i am glad that andrew is able to come this time!! he has been busy working all summer and i have missed hanging out with him! i am grateful for any time that i get to spend with my siblings! so, another weekend of the lake and boating, followed by YWs camp next week, then another week at the farm with my family, my mom's 50th birthday party on labor day weekend and then back home for a while.....just in time for school to start again.
like i said before, PHEW!!!
click here and here for a photo representation of our summer of fun!