Sunday, December 12, 2010

4 things

so, one of my bestest friends ever (even though she is now a distant and not often seen but still very much loved friend), sharon, "tagged" me on her blog. so, here it is:

four shows i watch:
1. the mentalist
2. survivor
3. canada's worst driver
4. food network challenge

four things i'm passionate about:
1. my family!!
2. reading
3. fabric
4. strength training

four phrases i say a lot:
1. really?
2. hurry! we're going to be late
3. sleep tight (every night, without fail, to evan)
4. i love you

four things i have learned from the past:
1. being able to laugh at yourself makes life easier
2. i am never alone in my fears or challenges
3. good friends are priceless
4. worrying is a waste of time....still learning this one:)

four places i'd like to go:
1. italy
2. paris
3. disneyland with the fam
4. hawaii

four things i did yesterday:
1. slept in
2. finished Christmas shopping
3. made a delicious chocolate cake for our ward Christmas party
4. visited with friends

four things i am looking forward to:
1. Christmas holidays
2. seeing and spending time with sharon at the vancouver dental conference in march!!
3. camping this spring with our tent trailer
4. an email from my missionary brother robert tomorrow morning!

four things i love about winter:
1. Christmas!!
2. skiing with my boys
3. snowmen and sledding
4. hot chocolate after skiing and sledding

four things on my wish list:
1. books, books, and more books
2. to pay off our school debt asap!!!!
3. a trip somewhere warm with just brent and i
4. motivation to wake up early and exercise before the kids get up instead of trying to fit it in during the day

four people i tag:
1. Erin Cahoon
2. Laura Neilson
3. Andrea Salmon
4. Maja Russell
.....i hope all these people actually read my blog! although they do leave comments once in awhile so i would think so:)