Sunday, May 24, 2009

footprints on my heart

Two little feet, ten little toes,

Leave their impressions today.

Soon they will wear two little shoes,

And be running and jumping at play.

Two little feet, too little time,

Before they are walking to school,

Kicking a rock, or skipping a rope,

Wading a puddle or jumping a pool.

Two little feet, One little child,

Will soon go their own way,

But footprints in my mind recall,

They stood here yesterday.

*ammendment to original post - i did NOT write this! the author is "unknown." if only i were that all should know better:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 week update

our little paige is 3 weeks old today! seems like she has been here forever already. she is such a little sweetheart and has joined our family effortlessly:) the boys adore her and are proving to be such great helpers - which i knew they would!

paige is an angel baby...truly:)

just look at her!

really - we are so in love with our baby girl!

besides doing the baby thing, we have travelled to red deer for rob and andrew's high school graduation, been visited by marion and her grace for a week (good times even though the weather was crappy!!!) and had the fam come out to cranbrook for may long when we blessed paige in church. we have had a fun but BUSY couple of weeks. it has been great to see most of our family and introduce our sweetie paige to them.

now we have a few weeks of relative quiet and normalcy before the fun and crazy summer holidays begin! for a look at what we have been doing, click on this link.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

neglectful mother

evan celebrated his birthday a week ago - april 25th - and i didn't even put up a post! lest i be accused of favoring my other children over evan, here is his birthday post:)

i say it with all our kids and i will say it again - where does the time go?? i remember like yesterday when evan was born. our biggest baby with all that dark hair! our 3rd little boy. what a sweet and adorable little baby he was - and what a sweet and adorable little boy he is! evan is still so cute and cuddly. he never forgets to tell me how beautiful i am and what a good mom i am - i hope he never outgrows those feelings:) - even when i'm not! he loves his older brothers and wants to be big just like them. we can't tell evan he isn't able to do something - he is too stubborn and independent to listen.

we love our evan!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

hooray for girls!

after 39 weeks and 5 days, our little girl is here!! born 2 days early (yippee!!), we welcomed paige jacqueline in to our family on april 30th at the afternoon! yes, one of our children arrived at a reasonable hour. i was able to recover from having a baby (which was fast and furious - can't believe i did that again!) before bed time and actually slept the night she was born. poor burton is still the odd one out - paige seems to favor jensen and evan in the looks department (atleast at this stage) - and is our only child that doesn't have an april birthday. funny how that worked out! burton was quick to remind me when i pointed this out that he was the only one born on christmas day which makes him extra special.

we are all enamored with little paige (paigey-face as evan has decided to call her) already and are so very thankful that our little girl made it safe and sound in to our home. we love her to pieces already!!