Tuesday, April 21, 2009

another evanism

i was just tucking the boys in, saying goodnight, giving kisses, letting them know how much i love them. after helping evan say his prayers, i gave him a hug and a kiss and told him what a good boy he is.

he smiled, looked at me and said, "thanks mom. and you're a good mommy too."

thanks evan - you just made my day
just so i can show off my handsome and adorable boys, click here.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

am i really a bad mom??

that question has been running through my mind a lot in the last few days. here are my reasons why:
1. evan and jensen both look like they have been beat up. evan started it with a huge fall at a preschool drop in gym time at jensen and burton's school. he fell in to the edge of a bench in the gym and has got a black eye and skinned nose. jensen followed later that day with a head first tumble down the 4 cement stairs in our garage. yes, i said head first...or more accurately face first. he now has a huge goose egg on his forehead and several large scrapes on the side of his face. isn't the standard excuse for physical abuse, "i fell down the stairs?????" i hope jensen's teacher believed him when he told her what happened the next day!
2. yesterday we rode bikes to the park after school to play. well, the kids rode their bikes while i struggled to keep up, waddling as fast as i could. jensen and burton were well ahead of evan and i when burton had a huge wipe out on his bike. jensen, who was right behind him, proceeded to drive over burton's arm with his bike as he could not stop in time. a very kind young man, walking by, stopped to see if burton was ok and stayed with him until i made it down the hill with evan. i'm hoping he noticed my very large pregnant belly (really, how could he not??) and didn't think i wasn't running to my child's aid for some unkind and uncaring reason!!
3. also yesterday, i was taking burton and evan to the library to story time...what good moms do, right? we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things for supper on the way. because i only needed 2 or 3 things and i am very hugely pregnant, taking the effort to unload the kids out of the car and in to a cart just for a few items required much too much energy. SO, i "smartly" told burton and evan to stay in their seatbelts and i woul be super quick. after being in the store for maybe 4 or 5 minutes, i was on my way to get the last thing i needed and then pay when i heard over the PA system the following announcement:

"excuse me shoppers. there is a van in the parking lot with 2 small children in it and the alarm is going off. could you please go take care of your children."

as i made my way to the parking lot, i noticed a lady looking in the front window of my van. as i approached, she turned my way. i smiled, trying to be friendly. she looked at me without smiling and said, "your children are getting panicky in there," rolled her eyes and walked away. as the smile disappeared from my face, all i could think of was "well i would be getting panicky too if i saw you looking in at me!!" and i'm sure she was thinking, "and she's having another one??" i opened the door and evan said, "mom, i couldn't find you!" burton just giggled, thinking it was funny.

does anyone else have days or weeks like this?? hurt kids, errors in judgement, simple mistakes that all come crashing down, making me want to say that i really am a good mom...really!

i just hope our little girl doesn't change her mind about joining our family in the next 3 weeks:)

Monday, April 6, 2009

happy happy birthday

happy birthday jensen! yesterday was jensen's 7th birthday. wow - 7! he is growing up....which means i am getting older too!!!

jensen is such a joy in our family. he is kind and thoughtful and sensitive to others. his imagination has impressed brent and i since he was just little. he is always thinking and planning and coming up with something. jensen is learning so much at school and loves to read! he still really loves butterflies and all animals and still wants to be a zookeeper when he grows up. we had a rainforest themed birthday party this year and jensen helped decorate his rainforest butterfly cake.

jensen is growing up way too fast! it is exciting to see but also a bit sad:) we love our not so little boy so much!!!