Thursday, February 12, 2009


so, burton has been sick with a cold the last few days and has stayed home from school. this morning jensen and evan started coughing. i told them that we would all probably get burton's cold because we all live together and share germs. then jensen asked what would happen if he got sick. i said that he would have to stay home from school. then burton asked what would happen if dad got sick. i said that he would have to stay home from work. and then jensen said,

"what about you mom? what happens if you get sick?"

burton's reply was quick and to the point, "nothing. cause you don't do anything mom."


Sunday, February 1, 2009


this picture is of me with my baby jensen. he is about 2 1/2 months old and i am 21. it is one of my most favorite pictures.

i feel so blessed to be a mother - to have the ability to bear and give birth to children. i love feeling this little girl move around inside me. i wonder what she will look like. i wonder what she will be like. i can hardly wait to meet her! to hold her for the first time. to see her look up at me with her newborn eyes, seeing everything for the first time. to have her precious spirit join our family.

i am humbled by the trust my Father in Heaven has placed in me to watch over His special children - to call them my own and love them. jensen, burton, and evan bring me so much joy. at times i feel like my cup is overflowing with love for my little boys.

i am excited to be having a girl. i am thrilled to be having a girl! i hope that i can be the kind of mom to her that my mom was, and is, to me - that she will look to me for guidance and reassurance and comfort - that we will be friends as she grows up.

i am having a girl. i will have a daughter.

i can't wait to meet her.