Sunday, May 9, 2010

2 birthdays and a baptism

we ended our birthday month with paige's first birthday last friday, april 30th. with 3 kids all in april, our house was full of balloons and decorations for weeks! it really was the party house. jensen turned 8 at the beginning of april but we weren't able to get all the family together for jensen's baptism until the last weekend of april. as it was also paige's birthday that weekend, we were also able to have a fun party for her! paige was in good form for her first birthday - charming the crowd, "saying" cheese for pictures, laughing at everyone, and just being her regular happy, delightful, and adorable self.
how we love our paigey cakes!!! what a wonderful addition she has been to our family. i can hardly believe that it has been a whole year since she was born!! i LOVE having a little girl - i love having a daughter. she definitely holds my heart in her hand. one look with those big blue eyes and i am all hers - and i think she is starting to figure this out!! not good. i think this will eventually catch up to me but for now i can't help but spoiling her with all the attention she asks for and more! paige says a few words - hello, hi, daddy, mom. i think it is funny and somewhat telling that her first word was hello and she always says it when the phone rings...indicative of things to come!? this girl will never be getting her own cell phone! unless she smiles really sweetly at me with those baby blues. then i just might change my mind! seriously, we are all so in love with our little paigey!
moving on, jensen was baptized on may 1. i found my self questioning whether i was even old enough to have a son getting baptized!!!?? and, yes, sadly i am! actually, not sadly as it was a wonderful weekend with my oldest son! how touched i was by the spirit as i looked at my oldest boy, all dressed in white, with his dad, waiting to be baptized and then entering the waters of baptism. what a sweet and special boy he is and i am so thankful and feel very blessed to be his mother. it really was a wonderful day, filled with family and the spirit. how i love jensen! and how thankful i am that he is gaining his own testimony of our Heavenly Father and His plan of salvation.
i feel very blessed.
and last but not least, we celebrated brent's 33rd birthday a few days after jensen's baptism. i am so in love with my man and am fully convinced that he really is the world's best husband. after all, he has to put up with me and all the angst that i must cause him!
and poor brent - all i "made" him for his birthday was drumstick ice cream cones! really, i was so birthday caked out that i just couldn't muster the energy to make another one. with 3 birthdays and a baptism in 4 weeks, can you blame me?? the kids and i made up for it by taking him out to dinner on the weekend. the birthday dessert they brought for him was WAY yummier than anything i could have made!! we sure love you brent - even if you are an old fart!