Sunday, October 30, 2011

the big 3-0

so, it has been a long while since i have last posted. not much has happened and i really haven't had much to say. but a few things have come and gone and i thought they were worth mentioning.
i turned 30 at the beginning of the month. the big 3-0. i remember being in high school, thinking that 30 was so old and so far away and now, bam, here i am, living it. never has the old adage "you're only as old as you feel" meant more to me! the fact is that i have been married for 11 years and i have 4 children aged 9 to 2. so one must deduce that one is getting up there in age. although this "one" still feels 19:) i have decided that 30 is the new 20...that's the truth and i am sticking to it.
summer is by far my most favourite season. however, fall is a very close second. i love the fall! i have always found a great amount of joy in and appreciation for the world around me as i watch the trees change their faded summer clothes for more vibrant and varied fall frocks. what beauty surrounds us in the fall!! and what a beautiful fall we have had. the nice weather has allowed for many fall bike rides, walks, trips to the park, and lots of giant leaf piles to make and jump in.

fall is also my favourite time to take pictures. since brent and i started having our kids, we have taken a family picture every fall. anyone who knows me knows i LOVE to take pictures. i jokingly told brent the other day that by the time we are old and gray, we will have thousands of photo albums full of pictures...i think that is more truth than joke! here are some more of my faves from the last month.....

i could go on and on with the pictures, but i will only add a few more. we went to my mom and dad's farm for thanksgiving, as we do every year. it was a beautiful weekend and we had a lot of fun playing and visiting. perhaps the funnest thing we did was something that i have never done before. my dad called it his version of cow tipping. we pushed round bales down a hill in one of the fields by my parents' house. it was awesome. the kids loved it and i am so very glad we have that memory. here are a few pictures of cow tipping, dad/papa/big steve style.