Sunday, March 28, 2010

spring break 2010

our kids had their spring break from school a few weeks ago. we spent most of that time at my mom and dad's farm and we had so much fun, as always, spending time with them here are a few highlights, in no particular order:
*burton learned how to drive the rhino (a 4 wheeled utility vehicle). i wasn't sure how comfortable i was with that - until i sat in the passenger seat and had him drive me around my dad's field. i must say, he was very cautious - not the wild child he typically is - and did a great job. i had to remember to breath as i flashed forward 10 years - picturing 16 year old burton behind the wheel of a car, as i sit "calmly" in the passenger seat. i also questioned the wisdom of introducing burty-burt to motorized vehicles as he buckled himself in to our van yesterday, while accompanying me on my grocery run, and asked me, in all seriousness, "can i drive?"
*i took the boys to a place called the hot pot studio with my mom, sister, and sister in law. they have unfired and unpainted pottery pieces that you can pick out and paint. they then fire them for you and you pick them up and take them home. it is a great place. anyways, while we were there, evan was talking nonstop, about anything and everything. it was hilarious. at one point, my mom was asking for color advice for the garden gnome that she had chosen to paint. evan gave his color suggestion. my mom thought it was a great one and told evan so. she also told him that she should just save herself time and ask him any time that she had a question because he is so good at answering them. he reminded her that this is because he is a scientist. goading him on, i asked him:
- evan, why is the sky blue?
- ummmm, i don't know that one.
jensen and burton then eagerly supplied their "scientific" answers. then evan said:
- mom, ask me another question.
- evan, why does it get dark at night.
- oh, i know that one. because Jesus turns out the lights.....on His whole body.
!!!!!!!! when he noticed that we were all trying VERY hard (and failing miserably) not to laugh, he said:
- scientists aren't funny guys. could you not adore this kid??

*the boys spent a lot of time upstairs, in rob's room, with rob and andrew. they wrestled, played video games, and did "man" stuff. my mom went up one night to check on them and made a comment about how they were all hanging out in the "man cave." burton looked at her, straight faced, and said:
-so, get out.
nice that the teenage boy attitude is manifesting itself at 6. how excited am i for the teenaged burton?

*it was my big brother's 30th birthday party the day before we left. it was fun to be there with everyone and celebrate steve! how i love my big brother!! and am very glad for the friendship that we have developed as we have grown up and become adults...not that we weren't friends when we were young:) i have just come to value him more and more as the years pass. only bad thing - with a 30 year old brother and me next in line, my turn is coming fast!!!! good bye 20's...almost!
all in all, it was a fun trip. brent was able to join us for part of the time. and i really missed him when he wasn't there. i came away from mom and dad's feeling very grateful that i have such a wonderful family there - brothers, sisters, mom and dad - and very happy that i have such an amazing man to return home to.

life is good. click here for our spring break pictures.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


we have been having so much fun OUTSIDE lately!!! what a wonderfully mild winter we have had - and now we seem to have jumped right in to spring! the kids have been riding bikes and i am loving being able to send them outside to play. i am almost sad that paige isn't walking yet as she wants so badly to join her big brothers outside:

our little paige is growing up so fast!! she will be one in two short months. i kind of thought with her being our last baby (unless lightning strikes or we have some other obvious sign that our family is not complete!) she would stay little forever. it is always a bittersweet thing to see your babies growing! so exciting and fun to see all the changes but somewhat sad to see that baby phase passing. paige's new favorite thing to do is stand up....not by herself but holding on to something and getting in to a standing position. she especially likes to look out the windows and scream excitedly at all she sees (as is evidenced by the above video). she continues to be such a DELIGHT in our home - we all love her to pieces...really. really. really. i often look at my beautiful girl and wonder how i could be deserving of such a wonderful and blessed little spirit housed in such a beautiful little body. i thank the Lord daily for my sweet little girl - and my rambunctious but still wonderful boys too:)

brent and i had the opportunity to go to the temple in spokane a few weeks ago. brent's brother and his wife watched our kids while we attended a session together. it was wonderful! i truly enjoy the feeling of peace and renewal that comes with attending the temple. to be reminded of what life is all about. and to feel the love that our Father in Heaven has for us, as His children. i am so very grateful for the covenants i have made and for the promised blessings that will come as i am true and faithful to those covenants. our Heavenly Father truly does love us and has blessed us in so many wonderful ways.

as we were getting ready leave for spokane, we asked burton if he would say a prayer. we always say a prayer in the car when we are going on a trip - that we will be safe, etc. it was so heartwarming to hear our burty-burt pray for safe travel and give thanks that we were able to go to spokane so that "mom and dad can go to the temple." i am grateful that he is able to see, through our example and the example of others, the importance of temples. it is gratifying (and also somewhat daunting!) to realize just how much our children are watching us and learning from us. they do get it some times!!

i love my family - we have been spending a lot of time together. skiing with the kids, watching the olympics, having movie parties. i love my husband. he is a good father and a good man. i really am so blessed!

for pictures of what we have been doing lately, click here.