Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ewwwww - be warned

so this our latest family adventure - or mishap rather.

this is a picture of burton's mashed finger. 10 days ago, we were hiking along a little river and throwing rocks in to it. so of course burton had to pick up the biggest, heaviest rock possible to try and make the biggest splash. but the rock didn't quite make it in to the water. burton dropped it and it fell....right....on....his....finger. blood everywhere. big gash. burton screaming. not fun.

burton basically "degloved" the tip of his finger - meaning that the cut was big enough and deep enough that the skin around the tip of his finger almost came off. gross. in the brief glimpse that i had of burton's finger, i thought the cut was between the bottom of his fingernail and his first knuckle. as you can see from the picture, the cut is actually right through the nail bed - it just looked like it was by his first knuckle because his skin, along with his fingernail, had been pulled that far forward by the weight of the rock.

poor burty! it has been quite traumatic for him! surgery to fix the whole thing, needles, stitches, bandage changing, doctor visits.......not fun as a parent to have to hold burton in my arms as he is screaming for the doctor to stop because he needs a "break."
the stitches came out today. it should heal just fine - maybe be a bit deformed but that's fine with burton. as long as he doesn't have to have anymore stitches or anything that hurts, he is happy.

i love you burton! you are so brave!

Friday, June 12, 2009

picture this

so, after the boys were done soccer last night, we stopped to get them slurpees on our way to cheer on brent in the last bit of his men's league soccer game. it was a beautiful night and the boys were hot so they took off their shirts. as we were sitting on the blanket, watching brent play soccer, and drinking our slurpees, evan says, "look at me mom." he had 2 of the lids from the slurpees - you know the big, bulbous ones - held up to his chest. he smiled and said,

"now i can feed the baby too."

picture it and tell me you're not laughing!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the passage of time

lots of things have happened lately that have had me thinking about time passing. here they are, in no particular order:

-i graduated from high school 10 years ago.
-my dad just celebrated his 50th birthday.
-my youngest siblings are graduating from high school and turning 18 this month.
-my youngest sister graduated from college in may.
-my older brother graduated from med school last week.
-brent has been a dentist for a full year. it has been 1 year since we moved to cranbrook.
-brent and i are celebrating our 9th anniversary in a few weeks.
-i gave birth to my 4th child 6 weeks ago.

wow - life happens!

do you ever look at your life and think, "is this really my life?" i have found myself doing that lately - do i really have a 7 year old? am i really old enough to have 4 kids? am i really married to a real dentist and live in my own house, one that we have bought and aren't renting?
are these rugrats really mine?

is this handsome man really my wonderful husband??

how did i luck out so much to have such wonderful blessings in my life?

whatever the reason, and even if it means i am getting older, how glad i am to have the life that i have!
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