Monday, June 14, 2010


this is a picture of me roughly 27 years ago. i am standing on the stairs at my gran and papa's house.
here is a picture of paige, taken a few weeks ago, on those same stairs.

i love the feeling that these pictures give me. kind of like things coming full circle. i love my grandparents and cherish the relationship that i have with them!! how it warms my heart to have them so involved in my life and the life of my children - that jensen, burton, evan, and paige have a relationship with them and have been able to feel of their love as i have.

looking at these pictures also makes me realize (yet again) how much i love and adore my little girl. how precious is my paigey! how beautiful is my daughter. how blessed i am to be her mother.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Nuts for Bolts etc now open!

so, this post is a few weeks late but oh well! our online fabric store is now up and running. check us out at also, we have our own blog for our store so add it to your blog lists! it is we are so excited to FINALLY have our website up and running!! we have some really great stuff and i encourage you all to check it out....and, all subjectivity aside, we really do have some great stuff:)