Sunday, January 31, 2010

9 months

my precious paigey is 9 months old....i can hardly believe it.
now, as much as i love all of my children, this post is dedicated to my beautiful daughter. how i LOVE her! she is the sunshine in my every day, the smile in mundane things, a never ending source of happiness. paige is so adored by all of us - she is a delightful little girl who knows she is loved and loves us all back. she has an engaging personality that reaches out to all around her -paige makes everyone smile. i have a quote in paige's room, on the wall, that says:

"a daughter is a flower always in bloom."

paige is our little flower. she brightens and refreshes our home with her giggles, squeals, hugs, and kisses. we love our paigey cakes!!!

here are the latest pictures of paige - especially for you, gran!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

eh o canada go!

so the olympic flame came to cranbrook last friday on its way to vancouver. and was it ever awesome!! i love, love, LOVE the olympics and it was so fun to get the kids all excited about seeing the olympic torch. i remember seeing the torch when i was a little kid - it came to red deer on its way to calgary for the 1988 winter olympics. i remember feeling excited and awed by the flame and what it represented. because seeing the olympic torch as a kid was such a memorable experience for me, i really wanted my boys to be excited about seeing the olympic torch and watching the upcoming olympics. so, we made our own torches, wore our canada clothes, and welcomed the torch to cranbrook!! i love what the olympics represents - the whole world coming together to celebrate athleticism and accomplishment. it was awesome to see the looks of amazement on jensen, burton, and evan's faces as the torch ran by - to be more excited by their excitement - as we cheer on our country and celebrate the vancouver olympics. GO CANADA!!!! click here for pictures of our olympic celebration.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 in Review

so, i made this picture slide show of some of my favorite pics and highlighting some of the fun things we did this year. it ended up being a lot longer than i thought! i guess 5 seconds/picture adds up quickly:) so, be warned - it is about 15 minutes long....i'm pretty much only putting this up for those who really love us and would like to watch 15 minutes of davis family fun. also, here is a link to our latest pictures - burton's birthday, Christmas, etc....enjoy!